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Face Liveness Detection
There's an API for that!

Liveness API is all you need to verify the genuine presence of humans in selfies. Powered by advanced AI and accredited by iBeta to ISO 30107-3 Level 2, it is easy to integrate into your existing systems.



iBeta accreditations are globally recognized and reflect a high level of security which enables users’ data to be reliably protected.


Facial recognition spoofing is a problem

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Presentation attacks, or spoofs, have emerged as a weak point for fraudsters to exploit to commit identity fraud. Ensuring the integrity of remote identity verification solutions is critical in protecting organizations from reputational damage and financial losses.


Liveness API is the solution. It's lightning-fast, super secure, and easy to integrate into existing remote identity verification solutions. 

Benefiting across multiple use cases

Identity Verification and User Onboarding

Enhance user onboarding by integrating Face Liveness API to verify the liveness of the individual through live face movements, ensuring only genuine user gain access.

Fraud Detection in Online Services

Integrate Liveness API to detect and prevent identity fraud. Real-time checks verify user authenticity, minimizing spoofing and fraudulent accounts in online platforms, social media, and more.

Secure Transaction Authorization

Add an extra level of security to financial transactions with liveness checks, ensuring user authentication and preventing unauthorized access or stolen credit card usage.

Seamless Regulatory Compliance

Face Liveness Detection can be utilized as part of the KYC process to verify the identity of customers opening new accounts or applying for financial services.

Ready to explore the power of
Face Liveness Detection?

Discover the simplicity of utilizing the potential of Liveness API for your business. Our identity experts are available to talk through your requirements, answer questions, and set up a demo. 

Power of seamless integration

Accelerate your integration and development timeline by saving months of valuable time. Seamlessly integrate and configure Liveness API into your existing remote identity verification solutions.


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