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Liveness API

Face Liveness Detection.
There's an API for that!

Liveness API is all you need to verify the genuine presence of humans in selfies. Powered by advanced AI and accredited by iBeta to ISO 30107-3 Level 2.


Facial recognition spoofing is a problem

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The use of biometric facial recognition for remote user onboarding and identity verification has increased exponentially in recent years.


With that, presentation attacks, or spoofs, have emerged as a weak point for fraudsters to exploit to commit identity fraud. Ensuring the integrity of remote identity verification solutions is critical in protecting organizations from reputational damage and financial losses.


Liveness API is the solution. It's lightening fast, super secure, and easy to integrate into existing remote identity verification solutions. Try it now for free!

Liveness API Features

Fast & Secure

Processing takes under 1 second using just a single selfie frame. No user interaction is required. Powered by world-class AI and delivered via Trustmatic's secure Microsoft Azure infrastructure. No storage of images.

Flexible & Scalable

Start for free and scale from there. Works with all smartphones and web cameras. Scale up when needed by upgrading your plan to suit your needs. No on-device SDKs required - robust to poor quality images.

Easy Integration

Image in - result out. That's it. Liveness API can be integrated in minutes by any developer. Just plug & play and add unprecedented trust to your user verification process. 

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  • Startup

    Every month
    • 1,000 liveness verifications per month
  • Scale

    Every month
    • 5,000 liveness verifications per month
  • Enterprise

    Every month
    • 10,000 liveness verifications per month

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